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The German automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors and unites different areas such as production, delivery, trade and workshops.

Approx. 710,000 people work in the German automotive industry and are active in the areas of research & development, production, administration and sales.

As a recruiting partner, SIMunich GmbH realises the importance of fulfilling projects as well as filling open positions for our customers. Our focus is the successful placement of specialists and managers in the different areas of leading German automotive groups and suppliers.

Information Technology

Information technology offers many different job profiles and therefore a wide range of activities. From application development to system integration, IT technicians to sales of IT systems are some of the roles been sought after. SIMunich GmbH has been successful in providing competent, efficient and motivated professionals throughout Europe in these areas.


In the engineering area in particular, SIMunich GmbH has set itself the task of providing potential employees with the platform for working on developing technologies. Creativity, team spirit, as well as social responsibility and competence play a decisive role.

The focus is on the areas of mechanical engineering / process engineering, electrical engineering and IT.


Everyone needs communication in one way or another. Internet and smartphones have become indispensable in our everyday life.

Due to the increasing “networking” of the world, a steadily growing flood of data is expected in the coming years. This is a growth market that requires specialists and project managers.

Media companies, high-tech and IT companies concentrate mainly on the areas of research and development as well as on the areas of production, sales of intelligent and efficient know-how.

The core competencies of SIMunich GmbH support your development as well as the implementation of your visions and perspectives. We find what you are looking for!

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